For the implementation of your project we have at your disposal a very wide assortment of indoor and outdoor plants; fruit, ornamental and forest trees; as well as plants for hedges and various shrubs.

Fruit Trees


Castanea sativa

Castanea sativa, the sweet chestnut, Spanish chestnut or just chestnut, is a species of tree in the family Fagaceae, native to Southern Europe and ...

Olea europaea

The olive, known by the botanical name Olea europaea, meaning "European olive", is a species of small tree in the family Oleaceae, found ...

Prunus avium

Prunus avium, commonly called wild cherry, sweet cherry, gean, or bird cherry is a species of cherry, a flowering plant in the rose family, Rosaceae. ...

Punica granatum

The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub in the family Lythraceae, subfamily Punicoideae, that grows between 5 and 10 m ...

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